Lacey Reapsome

Lacey's interest in photography began at the age of 10, when her grandmother, who lived in California, began sending her disposable cameras in the mail to fill with pictures of her choosing and send back for developing. Grandma always mailed a copy of each picture Lacey had taken back to her.  Grandma gradually stopped sending cameras as Lacey's interests turned to other things. However, Lacey never lost her curiosity in the knowledge that made the difference between an average photo that anyone could take, and an exceptional photo that captured the true essence of the moment. As a high school graduation gift, Lacey asked for a camera and received a digital point-and-shoot. Her interest in photography began to grow again. She spent hours reading blogs by photographers, in which each displayed his masterpieces, all of which have obvious love and care put into them. A few years after college, in September 2012, Lacey finally purchased her first DSLR, and began the journey to launch Lacey Reapsome Photography in Spring 2013.